Random Essay

I have to write a bunch of crap about stuff because my dad told me too. I don’t want to because I don’t like to type because it’s boring. It has to be 5 hundred words long. Right now I only have 44 words.

The font I’m using for this really long piece of paper is Bookman. I don’t know why they called this font Bookman. Maybe a librarian came up with it or something. The font size is 12. I wonder how they measure size in just numbers, like twelve.

I have about 100 words so far on this paper. Only 5 times that number to finish this document. I’m using Microsoft Word 2007. The year today is 2009. It would make more sense to come out with a new Microsoft Word every year.

I used to use Microsoft Word 2003. I don’t remember why I switched from Microsoft Word 2003 to Microsoft Word 2007. It’s not that big of a difference anyway. The computer I’m using is a PC with Windows XP.

Windows XP isn’t the newest thing though. Windows Vista is. I don’t use Windows Vista because it is crappy I guess. Some of my friends have Macs though. They are cool, but kind complicated and slow.

They come from the company Apple. I wonder why they call it Apple. Maybe a guy was thinking of an idea for the name, and an apple was thrown at his head with a bite out of it. Apple also makes iPods.

I have an iPod Touch. It is an iPod with a touch screen, obviously. It is fun to play with. I would be using it right now if I didn’t have to write this paper, which has no specific purpose or meaning.

I have about 300 words now. Just 200 more and I am done. Today is a Sunday. That doesn’t make sense to me, since it is very cloudy and rainy today. I wonder how they came up with all the names of the days in the week.

They all have the word day in them, which makes sense. But the first 3 or 4 letters in the name of the day are all different. It would make sense for them to be like Oneday, Twoday, and Threeday.

Also, why does the week start on Sunday? It should start on Monday because that’s when everybody goes back to school and work. It’s kind of retarded. I also wonder why the game is called pool.

The table you play it on is green, not blue. And it’s not like you’re swimming while you play the game. My family used to have a big pool table. It was green on the top and we had sticks and everything to play with it.

I was only little when we got rid of it, so I don’t know why we did. But we still have this light that says ‘pool’ hanging over where it used to be. I hope we keep it, because its cool. I’m done with this paper I had to write. This was 521 words in all. The End.

It has begun

Hello everybody. I am very sorry for not typing lately. I have been doing a lot of stuff. Football started 2 weeks ago. I am doing a lot better than last year. I think the number 51 is magical, because my first year of football I had number 51 and i did good. But last year i got 50 and I wasn’t so hot.  But this year I got 51and I’m doing good, so I guess we’ll find out…  And as always I will be posting the videos of our games on the site. (If somebody records them.) And last but surely least, school starts on Tuesday. I hate it. That is all.

Human Hamster Balls

Hey you guys. I was watching tv the other day and saw this giant human hamster ball. So now I really want to buy one. But the bad news is that they cost over 2,000$. So I guess it’ll be a while until I get one. Unless anybody wants to donate money for the cause. That is all.


Sorry I haven’t been typing lately. Since school got out, I’ve been busy doing nothing. And Terror 3 might not be out for a while. And, to some of you commenters, think before you type! That is all.

Summer is Here! (almost)

So school gets out for me June 13th which is also Friday the 13th! Spooky huh? I am celebrating kind of. It’s just 1 more week. Probably the longest week of my life so far even if Friday is a half-day. I don’t have anything else to say but um, keep posted and don’t leave me! I might not type a lot during summer cause I do stuff like play video games. And guess what else? My baseball team is undefeated and in first lace for Junior Nat.! Better than my friends’ team. No offense you guys though. *wink* *wink*  Oh and here is a little short I whipped up in Movie Maker, enjoy:

YouTube Preview Image

That is all.

P.S. : If you guys have been paying attention, (which I doubt) , I’ve been saying that is all after every post for a while now so pay attention you  guys!

P.S.S. : If you guys go to my school, you know I say ish a lot. It’s my new word. I hope it sticks!

P.S.S.S. : No I just kidding, there is no P.S.S.S. But you believed me didn’t you!

Now that is all!


    Sorry I have not been blogging very much lately. Some of you may know this, but my baseball team is undefeated! My friend’s team is a higher league than me and I think we are a teensy eensy bit better.

That is pretty much it. Our record is 5-0! Not bad! That is all.

Results of popcorn thing and more

Guess who won in my experiment? ACT II! It won by 1.2 un-popped kernels with the store brand in second and O. Redenbacher’s I’m not done with the display board yet though. Guess what else? I wore a santa hat at school and the teacher said I couldn’t wear it because it was out of season! Can you believe that? What if someone wore a boston baseball cap in the middle of the football season? That would be out of season! But no! She’d let ‘em wear it! Don’t tell me that’s different because it’s not!